No more greasy hands! No more slippery grips. No more greasy hands! No more slippery grips.

How To Use

sunSmudg is a reusable sunscreen applicator ,compact, light and convenient, perfect for babies, kids & adults. The applicator clicks in to seal the sunscreen while the soft sponge allows you to apply the cream without getting it on your hands. Just fill with your favourite sunscreen and you can use your sunSmudg over and over again.


The applicator sponge can be easily removed and washed in cold water. Replacements are available to make your sunSmudg last.

sunSmudg Applicator Sponge

No more greasy, messy, slippery hands.

With sunSmudg, you can apply a good, even coverage of sunscreen without getting it on your hands. Reapplying is easy wherever you are in the sun.

Features of sunSmudg
Features of sunSmudg

1. The cleverly-designed push-pull seal clicks to store your sunscreen securely. Push down and pull back the handle in one movement to release the applicator.
2. Never miss a spot with the sunSmudg built-in mirror making it so easy to reapply throughout the day.
3. Fill with your favourite sunscreen up to the fill line.
4. Remove excess sunscreen from the sponge using this scraping edge.

Compact sunSmudg is designed to slip easily into your bag or pocket – or attach it to your belt with the removable clip.sunsmudg closed packBuy now

How to Smudg yourself

Your sunSmudg opens and closes in one, smooth Smudgy action. To open, hold the applicator by the handle, and gently push down and pull back in one movement to release the applicator. To close, replace the applicator until it clicks into place to seal in the sunscreen.

Replacement sunSmudg Sponges

Buy nowEvery sunSmudg comes with two washable sponges.
But you can always order replacements here.
sunSmudg - replacement spongessunSmudg - removing sponge


If you’d like to raise funds
for your school, club or organisation, then ask about sunSmudg Fundraising. It’s a great way to raise money and a lot healthier than chocolate.