No more greasy hands! No more slippery grips. No more greasy hands! No more slippery grips.

Tips & Hints

How much sunscreen does my sunSmudg hold?

Sunscreens come in different thickness; but on average, your sunSmudg holds 20ml of sunscreen up to the recommended fill line. Best not to over fill your sunSmudg when first use it, as your sponge needs time to absorb some cream.  Refill as needed.

Can I use any sunscreen in my sunSmudg?

Yes. But it’s not recommended for very thin/ milk like sunscreens. For some thicker creams it maybe useful to dampen the sponge with water before use . sunSmudg makes your sun protection routine easy.

How do I open my sunSmudg?

The push-pull seal is designed to keep your sunscreen securely in the reservoir and there’s a trick to taking out the sponge applicator. Once you know how it’s easy.

To open, hold the applicator by the handle, and gently push down and pull back in one movement to release the applicator. To close, replace the applicator until it clicks into place to seal in the sunscreen.

See sunSmudg in action below.

Is it ok to leave the sponge in the sunscreen?

Yes. The sponge is designed to be left in the sunscreen.

How do I remove the sponge?

To remove, gently peel the sponge off the applicator.

To replace, position the sponge on the applicator and gently press it back into place. Both sides of the sponge can be used.

How do I care for my sponge?

The sponges are removable and washable. Gently wash your sponge in cold, soapy water, rinse and then squeeze dry in a towel or leave to dry naturally.

Can I buy replacement sponges?

You certainly can. They’re available here.

Other tips.

It can be beneficial to moisten your sponge with water when using some creams.  Best not to overfull your sunSmudg on first use,this allow the sponge to absorb the cream.